2019 SPWA Annual Awards Program


The Department of Defense Senior Professional Women’s Association is proud to offer three annual awards and an essay contest in 2019.  The objective of the annual awards program is to promote and share models of excellence and to recognize exemplary members.

Awards Offered in 2019

SPWA Excellence Awards (Recognition prize)

  • Excellence in Leadership
  • Excellence in Mentorship
  • Excellence in Community Service

SPWA Essay Contest ($500 first prize)


  • Entrants must be DoD SPWA members in good standing at the time of submission and selection.  Likewise, the nominee must be a member in good standing.
  • Entrants may self-nominate or nominate a fellow member.
  • No member will be permitted to be a repeat winner for more than two consecutive years in the same category.


Winners will be featured on the DoD SPWA website and recognized at the DoD SPWA awards ceremony.


How to Submit a Nomination

Award nominations must be submitted in a Word or PDF document to vp@dodspwa.com following the instructions below.



Nominations and essay entries must be submitted not later than September 2, 2019 to be considered by the selection panel.

Award Selection Procedures

A selection panel chaired by the SPWA Vice President will make final recommendations to the President. The selection panel will include not less than four Board members.  A judge must recuse him/herself if a conflict of interest exists.  Nominee names will be removed for the review of the nominations.

Nominations will be judged on adherence to topic and content (provides significant examples tied to the relevant category).

Winning nominations (both nominator and nominee) will receive email notification.

For More Information:

Vice President, SPWA, Ms. Stephanie Haferbier,  vp@dodspwa.com

Submit An Award Application

 Excellence Awards

To apply for one of the excellence awards, please submit a Word or PDF document to vp@dodspwa.com NLT to 2 Sept with the following information.  You may nominate yourself or a fellow member.

  • Nominee’s name
  • Nominee’s email address and phone number
  • Nominee’s organization, title, and grade
  • Nominator’s name (if not self-nominating)
  • Nominator’s email address and phone number (if not self-nominating)
  • Specifically for the award you are applying for:
    • Excellence in Leadership – Describe how the nominee has exhibited exceptional leadership attributes (2000 characters max)
    • Excellence in Mentorship – Describe specific ways the nominee encourages career development (2000 characters max)
    • Excellence in Community Service – Describe community service activities the nominee has participated in, to include leadership roles, which have enhanced and enriched the lives of others in his or her organization or community. (2000 characters max)


SPWA Essay Contest ($500 first prize)

The objective of the essay contest is to encourage authorship by members and gain insight on approaches to professional development.  Winning essays will be recognized at the SPWA Annual Awards ceremony in fall 2019 and on the SPWA website.

Essay Topic: What is your personal vision for the future of the DoD workforce? How does SPWA serve that? How do you encourage the policies and culture you envision?

Essay Contest Recognition:  Winners of the Essay Award will have their essays published on the DoD SPWA website and featured at an DoD SPWA meeting.  Up to two winners will be selected each year from qualified essays.  The Distinguished Essay Award winner receives $500 and the Meritorious Essay Award winner receives $250.

Essay Contest Criteria:  

-Essays may not be from previously published articles.

-Essays must be original and must not exceed 6,000 characters (~1,000 words).

-Essays will be judged on adherence to topic (how well the essay meets the contest topic), creativity, clarity, and readability (how well does the essay flow and is understandable), content (is the essay original and does it contain substantial content) and general administration (length, grammar, spelling, sentence structure, punctuation).