Department of Defense Senior Professional Women’s Association

The DoD Senior Professional Women’s Association’s (SPWA) objectives are to expand opportunities for professional development, training, and education for all DoD employees and to increase the number of women in mid- and senior-level positions in the DoD.

The Association was formed in 1977 to represent the interests of senior professional women and provide a networking venue for women in the midst of a significant DoD reorganization and anticipated reduction-in-force. Since that time, membership has expanded to include members from most DoD Components – OSD, the Defense Agencies and Field Operating Agencies as well as the Military Services.

In its endeavors to promote the advancement of women and support their participation in policy and decision-making at all levels of DoD, SPWA has served as a forum for DoD professionals to meet and discuss issues relevant to their current work, their careers and their daily lives. The main venues for exchange are the SPWA luncheons and networking events, at which senior Department officials and other prominent professionals speak to members and guests. Luncheon sessions are geared towards increasing awareness of Defense policies, emphasizing professional development, promoting healthy lifestyles, and providing strategies for successfully managing family and financial responsibilities.

Membership is open to people of all genders who are current or retired DoD Civilians GS-12 and higher; military members in grades E-7, WO-2, or O-3 and higher; or contractors serving DoD in a senior role.